Multiplast nouveau btimentMultiplast-Groupe Carboman inaugurates its new facilities devoted to the manufacture of parts for the aerospace industry.

After 11 months of hard work, Multiplast's new production hall was inaugurated on friday 14th of October.

This new building will be used to manufacture series parts for the aerospace, defence and space industries, as well as housing Multiplast teams, from management to engineering and R&D.


Pose dome Cathedrale russe The central dome of the Russian Orthodox Cultural and Spiritual Center in Paris is put in place by the Multiplast teams.

Less than a year after the project began, last Saturday, the 19th of March, saw the Multiplast team put in place the main dome of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Paris. This operation was performed in the presence of His Excellency Alexander ORLOV, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in France, Monseigneur NESTOR, Orthodox Bishop of France, Jean-Michel WILMOTTE, the architect in charge of the project, as well as numerous other figures from the world of politics and beyond.

plastinov Multiplast Multiplast-Groupe Carboman acquires Plastinov and Plastéol.

Situated between Bordeaux and Toulouse, in the Lot-et-Garonne, Plastinov, a company of 35 employees, has, for the past 30 years, been manufacturing large composite pieces, including fibreglass and polyester.

The company's exceptional skill in the making of fiberglass - epoxy resine parts and in the conception and manufacture of large dimension heated moulds means that is a natural partner for Multiplast - Groupe Carboman, allowing it to broaden its expertise and to operate in new areas.


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