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Since 1981, Multiplast has been designing and manufacturing multihulls and monohulls in high tech composite materials with unparalleled performance (Atlantic records, the Jules Verne Trophy, Route de Rhum, the Volvo Ocean Race...)

Multiplast has rapidly forged a reputation, becoming the world leader in performance boat construction as well as in the use of high performance composite materials, allowing it to work with world renowned naval architects.

In the 2000s, the company began to diversify and developed the manufacture of parts for major aerospace and defence contractors (Airbus, Thales, Zodiac Aerospace, etc.).

End of  2013, Multiplast teamed up with the swiss company Décision SA to found Carboman SA, which will be joined the following year by Plastinov and Plasteol, continuing its strategy of development and diversification in five areas of activity : Nautical, Industry & Defence, Aeronautics & Spatial, Civil Engineering, Renewable energies.

During this change of shareholder, DECISION SA leaves the group to dedicate itself to a sports project in sailing.

In 2022, CARBOMAN Group was acquired by Jean-Denis BARGIBANT and Damien HARLE and joined other companies of which Ouest Composites Industries to form an international group specialised in the manufacture of composite parts.

The company's objectives are to strengthen its leading position in offshore racing and to accelerate diversification in the five strategic business areas.

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