Health, Safety and Environment

logo-recyclage-multiplastMultiplast has a Health, Safety and Environment policy and is committed to

  • Educating new employees,
  • Ensuring active communication at the heart of the company,
  • Reducing risks to employees by working together to improve workstations,
  • Giving everyone the necessary means to go about their daily work with the highest safety levels possible,
  • Communicating operational objectives,
  • Recycling raw materials (pre-preg polypropylene film, cardboard, acetone...),
  • Compacting waste materials to reduce volume,
  • Selecting suppliers who conform to the European regulations, 'REACH' (Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).


Multiplast's aim is to sustain a team of skilled prototyping technicians rather than employing a mercenary team of short term contractors on a one-off basis for each project.


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