Research and Development

The in-house R&D department works in conjunction with the innovative build and production of prototypes.

  • The lines of research are
    • Materials and functionality : Out of autoclave pre-pregs, thermoplastics, biocomposites, electromagnetic properties, de-icing
    • Tooling and processes, 
    • Large structures and automisation,
    • Thin Ply technology (TPT). This has led to the purchase of an Automated Tape Layup machine (ATL)
  • Multiplast is the founding member of GIE Albatros, a group of small to medium size companies of the Jules Verne Technology Research Institute. It also is part of 'Pôle Mer', a competitiveness cluster specialising in maritime economy development, and 'EMC2', a network of advanced technology companies, and works closely with the 'UBS' (University of the South of Brittany), and 'ECN' (Ecole Centrale de Nantes), the elite school of Engineering in Nantes.. 
  • The R&D work undertaken by Multiplast for its clients is eligible for french tax credits (Crédit d'Impôt Recherche (CIR)).



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